Thursday, 11 November 2010

boom boom boom

1000 word piece of film coursework that was due in last friday still hasn't been started. i am so shit. nevertheless, here's some good stuff.

Jungle - Professor Green ft Maverick Sabre.
i saw MS supporting Plan B in April. he was fantastic. i found out about this tune yesterday. it's amazing.

Perfect Stranger - Magnetic Man ft Katy B
this is so incredible, her vocals blow me away.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

two post Wednesday...

didn't want to overload the last post. but here's some videos that don't need any explanation because they're both amazing and beautiful in their own ways. okay. bye.

try this for example...

not gonna lie, started to absolutely love Example. two of my friends got me Magnetic Man's album for my birthday, currently giving it a first listen. very impressed. they excite me.

here's what i'm listening (a lot) these days:

Monster - Professor Green ft Example
Perfect Stranger - Magnetic Man ft Katy B
The Cave - Ellie Goulding (Mumford & Sons cover)
Atlas Hands - Ben Leftwich
Hang The Cyst - The Last Shadow Puppets
Not Following You - Ellie Goulding
Closed For Love - Ellie Goulding
The Book Club (in general)
Milburn (in general)

i'm also (pretty guiltily) watching X Factor and (pretty guiltily) loving it... and what.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

not the Zena i'm usually used to...

Nah, cos she's Xena. but i presume it's spoken the same way. make amazing quirky jewellery. i always forget to wear jewellery so i am really out of habit. but the love of my life (Ellie Goulding) owns several items so i thought I'd enter the aforementioned Gem Fatale's competition to win some!

head over to her blog because 1) its awesome and 2) you could also be in with a chance!

big love X

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Gem Fatale!

I'm not one for particularly following fashion, buying magazines and sticking photos of stick thin weird looking models on my wall. i'm more the Nylon magazine reading, Ellie Goulding idolising, Xena: Warrior Princess loving type.

But one blog that has me reading every single post as soon as i can is Gem Fatale. her blog is funny, honest and inspiring. it's such a good read and she's currently on a 3rd blog-birthday giveaway bonanza!

her latest offer is THIS. the first picture of those knitted, chunky tights / leggings are an absolute dream. so enter the competition and you could be in with a chance to win them along with the rest of Gem's selection.

i'm aware of how ramshackle this blog post is, but whatever. back to A Level coursework...

Saturday, 9 October 2010

my big mouth

posting here is a rare occurrence. i feel like i need a change, like i need to get out and become happier and do something. A Level stuff is so shit. it seems i've got a busy few weeks coming up but not much of what is supposed to be going on excites me. aren't i boring?

here's what i've been listening to a lot recently

Run Into The Light EP - Ellie Goulding
Be Here Now - Oasis
The Fantastical Adventures Of Mr K - The Book Club
This Is England 86 soundtrack
Wonderman - Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding
Blue Light - Bloc Party

Sunday, 29 August 2010

shoot the runner

just chillin in bed at 1am. fancied writing summat and thought this would be the best place, since no one reads it anyway. buzzin.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

more trophies than ideas

here are some pictures that i've reblogged on tumblr recently. Humbug is a year old, it's a year since the amazing Web Transmission and i suppose technically it's a year to the day since i first saw Arctic Monkeys live.

it was Leeds Festival last year. to say i'd been a fan for roughly 3 or more years, believe it or not this was my first 'opportunity' to see them. i'm not gonna go into what the experience was like, let's just say Glasvegas made my spine tingle and Arctic Monkeys just put a smile on my face.

since then, of course, i've seen them again. it was at the MEN arena in Manchester. to anyone who is actually reading this, you might remember me blogging about it back in November. that was a much better show to say the least.

the other night, i made a playlist. it consisted of 8 Arctic Monkeys songs. those 8 songs are the ones that i genuinely love, properly fully completely adore. but pretty much, they're the 8 songs that i can actually listen to any more. without thinking that they're 'not that band now'. does this make me a 'bad fan'? no. because i don't have Terror Pocket or Sandtrap does this make me a 'fake fan'? no. it just means that i have genuinely moved on with the band instead of claiming to and yet secretly hoping they slot A Certain Romance into a set.

basically, i still love Arctic Monkeys. but they're not my favourite band. they're high in my 'top five'. but they're not at the number one spot any more. i'm not giving them up. that would be ridiculous. that would detract any 'meaning' to my life over the past four years. and i'd be considerably out of pocket, too.

when album number four is released. when i see them live again. when they do something that seriously excites me. that, i honestly cannot wait for.

you're making my body so erratic

last night i was about to delete this blog. just now, i changed the layout and made it a bit better looking so i don't think i will get rid of it after all.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

two posts in one day

sort of like Two Hearts in Two Weeks but not.

here's what i'm listening to at the moment:
Lights - Ellie Goulding
I Need Air - Magnetic Man
Once And Never Again - The Long Blondes
Black & Gold (cover) - Ellie Goulding
Sky Surfin' - Toddla T ft Wayne Marshall
Roll Out The Barrel - Milburn

although tells me in the past 3 months it's all been about these bands:

and here's one song from that list that you should most definitely get in your lives:

we thought we were the first ones, as everybody does.

hello blogger, long time no speak.

it's been a fairly eventful and busy summer for me so far. consisting of the following;
Tramlines, Filey, driving lessons, job hunting, Inception, job interview, town, work, starting my new job, sleeping in, house parties, 1200 watt speakers in a bungalow, Toy Story 3 and work once more.
tomorrow is my second day at my new job, got to finish my old one first. i'll be glad to never have to wash an old woman's hair ever again.

the weather has been disappointing so far, but i still got burnt at Filey. i've also done no reading for English or Sociology and i've not given my Film Studies research project a thought nor have i written more of my screen play.

maybe next week. probably the week after. most definitely in the final week.
there's a 99% chance that i'll do something of worth to my education on the last day of the summer.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

we've got obsessions

long time no blog... i'm still posting pretty much daily on tumblr though.

not really a lot to say, i'm really excited for Tramlines and my favourite electro duo from Sheffield have been retweeting me a few times recently which i have been enjoying.

went to London last Wednesday which was several shades of brilliant. i wrote all about it here if you care to read it :)

other than that i'm pretty much just loving Ellie Goulding a lot and errrm that's probably it...

ooh, i've got which lead to Heat Magazine giving me 5 promo CDs when we went to Bauer Media in London last week.

so that's it really. here's a quick play list of my favourite tunes at the moment.

Lights - Ellie Goulding
Roscoe (Midlake cover) - Ellie Goulding
Master Of Disguise - The Backhanded Compliments
Annabelle Was Her Name - The Backhanded Compliments
Plastic Tramp - Arctic Monkeys
The Afternoon's Hat - Arctic Monkeys
Are You Satisfied? - Marina And The Diamonds
Obsessions - Marina And The Diamonds
Mowgli's Road - Marina And The Diamonds

Sunday, 27 June 2010

i don't think you know me much at all

basically i'm in love with Ellie Goulding.
she told me that she loves my dress, so therefore that means she loves me okay? haha. anyway she's great so feast your eyes upon her beauty.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

its about as close to making sense, that i am ever going to get


finished my exams on Tuesday. then i went to Birmingham a day earlier than planned. so I went Tuesday - Friday.
man, it was so fucking cool. just like, constant fun for four days. none of it will make sense to anyone who wasn't there. I discovered this when trying to convey my excitement about the events to my friends today. :S oh dear.
I had a really nice time, and was busy so barely had a minute to stop, let alone a minute to myself. there was never a down moment and it was delightful to be away from my laptop.
when I got back on Friday night and started checking dashboards etc I realised that I couldn't be arsed and was appalled at how much time I manage to spend on the internet. eurgh.
home isn't half as fun as Birmingham. so glad i've got those memories now.
back to Sixth Form on Monday. oh the joy.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

your mind is restless cos you never rest it at all

evening all

i got earlier. kind of obsessed with it at the moment. sure that will wear off soon.
if you have it, add me?
it's quite interesting to see all together how many times i've listened to certain bands.

still done no revision for sociology. oops! i'm such a tool.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

older does not always mean wiser


work today was draining. this heat is just silly today, thick heavy air with no breeze. yuck. stuck inside a small building with a constant circulation of hot air and sticky hair products. was glad to be out at lunch time. got no work next Saturday cos my boss is on holiday, so it means i get to rest after my trip to Birmingham.

booked another Saturday off towards the end of the month, cos there's a slight possibility i'll be in Manchester. :D don't know how i'm going to afford all this, just realised i've got a few family birthdays coming up. then Father's Day is this month at some point. hmm.

yesterday i hung out at my cousin's house with her and her kids. they're the cutest little things. its amazing watching them grow up, but sorta sad at the same time. i love talking to my cousin about music, she was telling me about her festival experiences and when she saw Manic Street Preachers at Shepherds Bush Empire. her kids are so lucky to have her. her eldest, who is 4 likes Kasabian! and my cousin announced that she loves Crying Lightning which was cool to hear.

i've been writing here quite a lot, doubt anyone is really reading though. sorry for boring you.
here's some photos that i've re blogged or posted on Tumblr recently. :)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

how can you say your life is empty


today's been quite pleasant. got up the earliest i have done all week.
me and my brother's girlfriend just sat in the garden all morning trying to tan. think i've burnt a bit though. :/
then they left to go back to Birmingham for a few days so i spent the rest of the day doing my washing and hanging it out and stuff. sounds really lame but it didn't bother me. i'd say i enjoy it in a weird way. :S
ive been productive today, but in no way has it helped with my sociology revision.

this evening was nice, i had a pretty good chat with a friend who i haven't spoken to in what seems like ages. then my friend Huw rang me from outside a Klaxons gig. i don't like them, but he does and he'd just met them. he was really happy, completely pissed, but happy. it felt nice that he thought to ring me and tell me about it.



Wednesday, 2 June 2010

lets type words, cos they amount to nothing

can't sleep / don't want to sleep

got a message on facebook earlier, inviting me to a post exams party / gathering / camp out in the woods next thursday. told everyone i can't go, because i'm in Birmingham. i wasn't too bothered at first really, i missed the last one during the summer cos i was on holiday. on the night, i probably won't be that arsed but it's just afterwards. when everyone's talking about the night and the funny stuff, or the annoying stuff that in hindsight is amusing or whatever. the thing is that, it doesn't bother me. but like with Leeds Fest, i'm treated like it should.

i'm really looking forward to going to Birmingham. trying to not spend money between now and next wednesday. hopefully i'll get some new clothes. it'll be nice to go to a new and completely different city for a few days. and hopefully my brother's girlfriend won't want to kill me after spending that much time together. haha.

my final AS Level exam is on Tuesday. it's sociology. i've got twixt now and then to teach myself everything i should already know. hmm. definitely have to start tomorrow or i'll have no chance. i despise revision. i just don't know how to do it. which is sort of ridiculous.

Friday, 28 May 2010

instead of finding someone to blame


just got in, really early considering i've been out.
my social life is all or nothing. been out two nights in a row now.
last night was probably better, cos i went to see The Book Club. and it was amazing. like. just amazing.
then tonight we went out for my mate's birthday. was lovely to see everyone and have a laugh. ended up getting wine even though i really really hate it. anyway, work in the morning. not looking forward to it. been doing the same job for 4 years. eurgh.

i have things to look forward to, but after my last exam. which is just over a week away. the time twixt now and then is more daunting than the prospect of the exam. which is gonna be so hard. argh, can't motivate myself at all.

might try looking for another job. dunno. the main road between my crappy village and town is gonna be shut almost completely for 16 weeks starting very soon. so getting into town is gonna be a nightmare. which means if i manage to get a job, i might not be able to get to it. bonus of working in the village at the moment, is lack of travel costs.

hmm. dunno why i am posting. boredom and procrastination once again.
hope i can sleep tonight
wish some people would bloody respond to texts

this is just like one long stream of consciousness. okay bye!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

painted faces congregate

this morning I changed the layout of my blog and stuff.
only slightly. and only because all I ever seem to do is procrastinate.
considering how scared I was before my two exams last week, not quite sure why I haven't been working for my exams tomorrow and thursday.

considering selling two of my arctic monkeys promo posters. got them about 18 months ago, maybe? anyway, they're promos for Fluorescent Adolescent and Brianstorm. they're pretty cool, particularly the FA one. but I'm trying to cut down on how much they dominate my wall space. I couldn't possibly bring myself to sell my promo cds really. there's specific reasons why I have each one, but the easiest to part with would be my Teddy Picker one. don't know why i'm mulling this over cos i've no intentions of putting them on eBay. i keep watching My Propeller promos then forgetting when they're ending, so i've missed out on about 3 now :S and the last one went pretty cheap which is a kick in the teeth.

i've also been purchasing more vinyl than strictly necessary, recently. i don't have anything to play it on, yet i'm 'fascinated' with collecting it. i can't afford to keep doing this, as it seems like such a colossal waste of money in hindsight.

Monday, 24 May 2010

every fire is a lesson learned

afternoon blogger. s'been a while.
in the middle of my AS levels at the moment, well 2 down, 3 to go.
not really much going on at the moment, this weather is pretty beaut.
i should be revising right now, but i'm procrastinating in the living room cos the heat is unbearable upstairs.

after exams i've booked a trip down to Birmingham, looking froward to a few days away from home, shopping and hopefully enjoying some good weather.

i've compiled a summer playlist, so here you go.

1. Falling Down - Oasis
2. Hundred Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene
3. Chandelier Girls - The Crookes
4. The Bartender and The Thief - Stereophonics
5. Sticks n Stones - Jamie T
6. 5Rebeccas - The View
7. D is for Dangerous - Arctic Monkeys
8. Every You Every Me - Placebo
9. Portions For Foxes - Rilo Kiley
10. Girls & Boys - The Subways
11. Civic - Milburn
12. Mermaids - Reverend & The Makers
13. You Overdid It Doll - The Courteeners
14. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
15. Earthquake - Little Boots
16. She Said - Plan B
17. Pass Out - Tinie Tempah
18. Boom DJ - Toddla T ft Trigganom & Helders
19. Going Off - Toddla T ft Roots Manuva, Serocee & Shake Aletti
20. Animal - Miike Snow (Crookers remix)
21. End Credits - Chase & Status ft Plan B
22. Salt Skin - Ellie Goulding
23. Same Jeans - The View
24. Going Nowhere - Oasis
25. Wild Wood - Paul Weller
26. Life's a Song - Patrick Park
27. Emily's Heart - Jamie T
28. Hard Time For Dreamers - Reverend & The Makers

its quite long :S and the order isn't really that great, i've just tried to fit the songs together from memory of how they end etc. tried to put it in some vague order, start with heavy, fast paced-ish guitar music, then into more dance, fun music then into slower, more acoustic based songs.

there we go. Ta Ra X

Sunday, 18 April 2010

run run run, run run run away

psycho killer - talking heads. such a tune.

hello blogger, haven't posted here in over a month. sorry, but i doubt any of you followers are devastated.
still posting over @

since i last posted i've seen (and met) Ellie Goulding at Fibbers.
and Plan B at The Cockpit. lots of fun and that.

currently posting this because procrastination is obviously my best friend, and if you knew just how much work i have to do for tomorrow then you'd have a gun to my head. clearly an idiot, and i'm pretty much kissing my A Levels goodbye. serious case of 'HML' right now.

although my tumblr's a bit dull right now, need to change my theme and post some more i guess.
but i did have a lovely rant about people posting and re blogging photos of fans with Arctic Monkeys without crediting where they're from or who the fan is. especially in the cases where the people posting and re blogging do know. it really frustrates me. but usually in the cases where i know the people, and refuse to reblog because it's plan weird. the fact i know all about what happened then the photos popping up on my dash but not by them. eurgh!! continues to frustrate me.

anyway, blah blah... take a look at my tumblr if you like, it'd be nice. TA XXX

Monday, 8 March 2010

its like you've hit me with lightning

hello blogspot people.
it's been ages since i posted on here.
im currently posting pictures and that over on tumblr, where i've already got 7 followers in about a month. which is good for me cos it took me ages to 11 followers on here.
its a small 'victory' for me. :P

anyway, for anyone who actually reads this you might want to have a look over at
i noticed a few minutes ago, how both my blogs are wheels/car related in their titles.
this one has 'tyres' in the title. and my tumblr has 'wheels'.
which is relevant now i suppose as i'm learning to drive, 4 months after my 17th birthday :)

so yes. i hope you are all well. here is my favourite photo ever.
its recent (i think) and found it not long ago...

the title of this post is from Ellie Goulding's 'Starry Eyed'. a beautiful little song. her debut album 'Lights' came out very recently and went straight to number 1! :D i havent bought it, yet, but im going to see her next month. im very excited for it as she'll be excellent live no doubt.
also, Tinie Tempah's 'Pass Out' went to number 1 too. really happy about that, its such an amazing song. i bought it on day of release and its my favourite tune from 2010.
it seems that British music is doing alright at the moment, lets hope this continues! :D

Monday, 15 February 2010

i'd be telling tales if i claimed to be sure...

i set up a tumblr. pictures are a bit nicer than reading (or not) this blog.
so i'll be posting stuff from over there now mainly, however i'll keep checking my dash on here.
i'm sure the 10 people actually following this won't mind too much. :)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Captain Kirk?

did anyone see the Valencia broadcast last night?
i'm so glad i didn't go out last night as originally planned otherwise i would have missed it.
in fact, i thought i had already missed it but tuned in just in time, perfect!

here's the setlist:
Dance Little Liar
This House Is A Circus
Still Take You Home
Potion Approaching "would you like me to build you a go kart? i've got an old one, its broken but we can salvage the wheels at least..."
Red Right Hand
My Propeller
Crying Lightning
The View From The Afternoon
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
If You Were There, Beware
Pretty Visitors
Do Me A Favour
When The Sun Goes Down
Secret Door
Fluorescent Adolescent (Alex sung Strange - Patsy Cline in the middle)

he also kept mentioning 'Captain Kirk' where ever possible, which was amazing.

"Would You Like Me To Build You A Go - Kart? i've got an old one, its broken but we can salvage the wheels at least..."

Sunday, 7 February 2010

and the Secret Door swings behind them...

whilst listening to Secret Door this afternoon i became very emotional/nostalgic/dissapointed because ticker tape cannons didn't go off :(
it's not that i necessarlily miss the Manchester gig it's that i generally miss seeing my favourite band live. some of that sadness was partially to do with not getting tickets for the Royal Albert Hall gig.
although there is rumour/speculation that there's going to be another small UK tour this year. which i hope is true because in comparison to other countries, they barely did any UK dates in 2009/early 2010.

this weekend i've also managed to (finally) get hold of a load of Milburn demos/unreleased tracks etc.. my personal favourite is their cover of the Birds Of A Feather theme tune. ♥

i hope everyone's had a good weekend.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

betwixt and between

Wore my Bang Bang t-shirt for the first time today...

dressed almost exactly like Matt Helders in the Leave Before The Lights Come On video...

songs i really love at the moment, a lot of which are from the Adulthood soundtrack;

Pieces - Chase & Status feat. Plan B
Kidulthood to Adulthood - Bashy
Reppin London - Sincere
Arms Wide Open - Shystie
Catapult - Arctic Monkeys
Keep The Lights On - Wave Machines
British Intelligence - Jamie T
Animal - Miike Snow (Crookers Remix)
If I Was Wonderman - Hey Today!
AA 24/7 - Dance Area
Vlad The Impaler - Kasabian
5 Rebeccas - The View
Momma's Place - Roisin Murphy (Shake Aletti remix)

Sunday, 31 January 2010

i haven't got my strange

i now have 10 followers. which is quite an achievment in my eyes because this blog is less hit, more miss. thanks to everyone who follows and comments. keep it up ;) ha!
i went to see Avatar last night, it were alright, better than i expected.
the effects > storyline.
also bought tickets to see Plan B. it's not til April though :( in that same week i'll also be seeing Ellie Goulding. i seem to do that alot y'know, go to a few gigs in a right short space of time then don't see anyone for literally months. so i'm tryna sort some decent stuff for February and March.

i really love this picture. it's from the My Propeller video shoot, which is a mix of live action and animation. really looking forward to it, as its not directed by Richard Ayoade like the last 3 have been. this photo is also my current twitter background i enjoy it so much ;) haha.

Friday, 22 January 2010

shock horror

my favourite song right now is Shock Horror by The View. i've got it on constant replay, the last song i loved like this by them was Dance Into The Night.

also quite looking forward to Skins. purely for the reason that i've loved Jack O'Connell ever since This Is England. really want to see Harry Brown and have been wanting for months now. gonna have to wait til it's on DVD cos i won't get in to see an 18 at the cinema. even tho i'm only 10 months away :( but Harry Brown is going to be amazing, Plan B ♥ ahh i love him. gonna watch Adulthood tonight purely for him... oh dear. X

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

close your eyes and count to 10

spent a bit too much today i think... but oh well!

i got a knitted/bodycon dress in the Topshop sale. i saw it before christmas and it were £45, got it today for £18 with Student Discount.
got a replacement grey zip up hoody from H&M. the last one i got was 4 years ago and it's a size 6. which i am certainly not! aha. its lovely and new so hopefully it'll be warm too. :) that were about £15.
then i spent £20's worth of HMV vouchers on CDs.

# The Strokes - Is This It?
# Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You.# Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum# The View - Which Bitch?
all are cds i've been wanting for a while but didnt really want to pay like £6 upwards individually for them. my Crying Lightning promo cd i got from ebay for 99p also arrived today!
i just wish my other stuff would hurry up and arrive. even though i only got most of it on Sunday/Yesterday.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

she was marrying the matador but he was with the weather girl...

finally beginning to build up my physical collection. after just having the 3 albums and the latest singles on vinyl i went on a 'mini spree' on the Domino store earlier in the week.
i thought i'd start off with some of the most important stuff, like EPs then move onto singles a bit later.

so this is what i bought;

snagged myself a Teddy Picker promo off ebay in the summer too :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

you can't hide your head in the clouds forever

contemplating starting a new blog. taking a different direction or something.
decided against tumblr though.
until then here's this.

Friday, 8 January 2010

snow and that

Finally, after a full week of snow, my school decided to shut. so that equates to a 3 day weekend!
even though i didnt find out it was closed until i got to the bus stop, so i didnt get a lie in.
i spent the whole day with friends, and went sledging this afternoon which was awesome.
and also! my Le Donk and Scorzayzee poster arrived. firstly, its massive, and secondly it's signed.
i wasn't expecting that! i even checked the website to make sure. it was the most wonderful surprise because i love that film so much. and Shane Meadows (director) is like my actual hero. ♥

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 eh?

i can't believe it. where the bloody hell did 2009 go?!
i remember at the end of 2008 saying that i'd make 2009 even better.
i suppose i did keep to that a bit. for example stuff like this happened;
  • saw Mongrel live and they were amazing. first gig of 09
  • did my GCSEs.
  • Tramlines
  • passed my GCSEs (and therefore got into 6th form)
  • Leeds Fest. saw my favourite band live for the first time and fell in love with Glasvegas.
  • saw Star Trek at the IMAX in Manc. ;)
  • i turned 17
  • saw Arctic Monkeys for the second time at the MEN arena in Manc.

all in all 2009 was pretty good really. i celebrated the new year last night at my friends house. it was very messy and in the end there were a lot of tears (not all mine ta) arguments (same again) vodka (1.5 litres. it's a lot. between 4 people at max.) and potential frostbite. plus when we got home, my friend was sick again. but this time in my room :|

nevermind, this year can only get better yeah?! i turn 18 this year. (10 months time but shhh)
and i will make it better than last year!!

Happy New Year everyone. ♥

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