Saturday, 5 June 2010

older does not always mean wiser


work today was draining. this heat is just silly today, thick heavy air with no breeze. yuck. stuck inside a small building with a constant circulation of hot air and sticky hair products. was glad to be out at lunch time. got no work next Saturday cos my boss is on holiday, so it means i get to rest after my trip to Birmingham.

booked another Saturday off towards the end of the month, cos there's a slight possibility i'll be in Manchester. :D don't know how i'm going to afford all this, just realised i've got a few family birthdays coming up. then Father's Day is this month at some point. hmm.

yesterday i hung out at my cousin's house with her and her kids. they're the cutest little things. its amazing watching them grow up, but sorta sad at the same time. i love talking to my cousin about music, she was telling me about her festival experiences and when she saw Manic Street Preachers at Shepherds Bush Empire. her kids are so lucky to have her. her eldest, who is 4 likes Kasabian! and my cousin announced that she loves Crying Lightning which was cool to hear.

i've been writing here quite a lot, doubt anyone is really reading though. sorry for boring you.
here's some photos that i've re blogged or posted on Tumblr recently. :)

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