Saturday, 7 August 2010

we thought we were the first ones, as everybody does.

hello blogger, long time no speak.

it's been a fairly eventful and busy summer for me so far. consisting of the following;
Tramlines, Filey, driving lessons, job hunting, Inception, job interview, town, work, starting my new job, sleeping in, house parties, 1200 watt speakers in a bungalow, Toy Story 3 and work once more.
tomorrow is my second day at my new job, got to finish my old one first. i'll be glad to never have to wash an old woman's hair ever again.

the weather has been disappointing so far, but i still got burnt at Filey. i've also done no reading for English or Sociology and i've not given my Film Studies research project a thought nor have i written more of my screen play.

maybe next week. probably the week after. most definitely in the final week.
there's a 99% chance that i'll do something of worth to my education on the last day of the summer.


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