Thursday, 26 August 2010

more trophies than ideas

here are some pictures that i've reblogged on tumblr recently. Humbug is a year old, it's a year since the amazing Web Transmission and i suppose technically it's a year to the day since i first saw Arctic Monkeys live.

it was Leeds Festival last year. to say i'd been a fan for roughly 3 or more years, believe it or not this was my first 'opportunity' to see them. i'm not gonna go into what the experience was like, let's just say Glasvegas made my spine tingle and Arctic Monkeys just put a smile on my face.

since then, of course, i've seen them again. it was at the MEN arena in Manchester. to anyone who is actually reading this, you might remember me blogging about it back in November. that was a much better show to say the least.

the other night, i made a playlist. it consisted of 8 Arctic Monkeys songs. those 8 songs are the ones that i genuinely love, properly fully completely adore. but pretty much, they're the 8 songs that i can actually listen to any more. without thinking that they're 'not that band now'. does this make me a 'bad fan'? no. because i don't have Terror Pocket or Sandtrap does this make me a 'fake fan'? no. it just means that i have genuinely moved on with the band instead of claiming to and yet secretly hoping they slot A Certain Romance into a set.

basically, i still love Arctic Monkeys. but they're not my favourite band. they're high in my 'top five'. but they're not at the number one spot any more. i'm not giving them up. that would be ridiculous. that would detract any 'meaning' to my life over the past four years. and i'd be considerably out of pocket, too.

when album number four is released. when i see them live again. when they do something that seriously excites me. that, i honestly cannot wait for.


  1. jghjghasjgusdah, words cannot describe how much i LOVE arctic monkeys. honestly. they're my ultimate favourite band, ever.
    whats your favourite song of theirs?

  2. oh wow. errm probably Leave Before The Lights Come On or This House Is A Circus.


  3. this literally defines my life. i absolutely adore the arctic monkeys, and saw them live back in april. i'm just starting to stop listening to them near-constantly, but they're still brilliant. 3 days till the 6 month anniversary.


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