Friday, 28 May 2010

instead of finding someone to blame


just got in, really early considering i've been out.
my social life is all or nothing. been out two nights in a row now.
last night was probably better, cos i went to see The Book Club. and it was amazing. like. just amazing.
then tonight we went out for my mate's birthday. was lovely to see everyone and have a laugh. ended up getting wine even though i really really hate it. anyway, work in the morning. not looking forward to it. been doing the same job for 4 years. eurgh.

i have things to look forward to, but after my last exam. which is just over a week away. the time twixt now and then is more daunting than the prospect of the exam. which is gonna be so hard. argh, can't motivate myself at all.

might try looking for another job. dunno. the main road between my crappy village and town is gonna be shut almost completely for 16 weeks starting very soon. so getting into town is gonna be a nightmare. which means if i manage to get a job, i might not be able to get to it. bonus of working in the village at the moment, is lack of travel costs.

hmm. dunno why i am posting. boredom and procrastination once again.
hope i can sleep tonight
wish some people would bloody respond to texts

this is just like one long stream of consciousness. okay bye!

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