Thursday, 3 June 2010

how can you say your life is empty


today's been quite pleasant. got up the earliest i have done all week.
me and my brother's girlfriend just sat in the garden all morning trying to tan. think i've burnt a bit though. :/
then they left to go back to Birmingham for a few days so i spent the rest of the day doing my washing and hanging it out and stuff. sounds really lame but it didn't bother me. i'd say i enjoy it in a weird way. :S
ive been productive today, but in no way has it helped with my sociology revision.

this evening was nice, i had a pretty good chat with a friend who i haven't spoken to in what seems like ages. then my friend Huw rang me from outside a Klaxons gig. i don't like them, but he does and he'd just met them. he was really happy, completely pissed, but happy. it felt nice that he thought to ring me and tell me about it.



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