Sunday, 31 January 2010

i haven't got my strange

i now have 10 followers. which is quite an achievment in my eyes because this blog is less hit, more miss. thanks to everyone who follows and comments. keep it up ;) ha!
i went to see Avatar last night, it were alright, better than i expected.
the effects > storyline.
also bought tickets to see Plan B. it's not til April though :( in that same week i'll also be seeing Ellie Goulding. i seem to do that alot y'know, go to a few gigs in a right short space of time then don't see anyone for literally months. so i'm tryna sort some decent stuff for February and March.

i really love this picture. it's from the My Propeller video shoot, which is a mix of live action and animation. really looking forward to it, as its not directed by Richard Ayoade like the last 3 have been. this photo is also my current twitter background i enjoy it so much ;) haha.

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