Tuesday, 25 May 2010

painted faces congregate

this morning I changed the layout of my blog and stuff.
only slightly. and only because all I ever seem to do is procrastinate.
considering how scared I was before my two exams last week, not quite sure why I haven't been working for my exams tomorrow and thursday.

considering selling two of my arctic monkeys promo posters. got them about 18 months ago, maybe? anyway, they're promos for Fluorescent Adolescent and Brianstorm. they're pretty cool, particularly the FA one. but I'm trying to cut down on how much they dominate my wall space. I couldn't possibly bring myself to sell my promo cds really. there's specific reasons why I have each one, but the easiest to part with would be my Teddy Picker one. don't know why i'm mulling this over cos i've no intentions of putting them on eBay. i keep watching My Propeller promos then forgetting when they're ending, so i've missed out on about 3 now :S and the last one went pretty cheap which is a kick in the teeth.

i've also been purchasing more vinyl than strictly necessary, recently. i don't have anything to play it on, yet i'm 'fascinated' with collecting it. i can't afford to keep doing this, as it seems like such a colossal waste of money in hindsight.

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