Wednesday, 2 June 2010

lets type words, cos they amount to nothing

can't sleep / don't want to sleep

got a message on facebook earlier, inviting me to a post exams party / gathering / camp out in the woods next thursday. told everyone i can't go, because i'm in Birmingham. i wasn't too bothered at first really, i missed the last one during the summer cos i was on holiday. on the night, i probably won't be that arsed but it's just afterwards. when everyone's talking about the night and the funny stuff, or the annoying stuff that in hindsight is amusing or whatever. the thing is that, it doesn't bother me. but like with Leeds Fest, i'm treated like it should.

i'm really looking forward to going to Birmingham. trying to not spend money between now and next wednesday. hopefully i'll get some new clothes. it'll be nice to go to a new and completely different city for a few days. and hopefully my brother's girlfriend won't want to kill me after spending that much time together. haha.

my final AS Level exam is on Tuesday. it's sociology. i've got twixt now and then to teach myself everything i should already know. hmm. definitely have to start tomorrow or i'll have no chance. i despise revision. i just don't know how to do it. which is sort of ridiculous.

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