Sunday, 22 November 2009

Good Evening Manchester, Are You Mad For It?

last night aka best night of my life!!

after four long years of being a dedicated fan i finally got to see my favourite band in an non-festival crowd!
i was standing at the MEN arena, Manchester. which i was proper nervous about cos i'm really tiny and arenas are huge and everyone is taller than me, stronger than me, and much more pissed than me. haha. i got bashed about a bit, but after the support band (Eagles Of Death Metal. anyone who was there will know how awesome they were!) we found a decent spot then when they came on, went fully for it!
i was dubious about them opening with Dance Little Liar but in hindsight i have no idea why! it was bloody incredible. they went straight into the faster crowd pleasing songs such as Brianstorm then just before Dancefloor, Alex said to the crowd "who's seen Arctic Monkeys before? this one's for those who havent" arrrrgh! the crowd went mental!!
i can't physically pick a favourite song from the night because i'm so overwhelmed by it all i cannot decide. The Jewellers Hands worked perfectly in the middle of the set. and i'm proud to say i was one of the few who dint shit themselves when the confetti cannon went off in Secret Door. (because i knew it was going to happen ;) haha)
the encore consisted of 505 and FA/Mardy Bum mash up. the set was quite short, and incorporated no b-sides or anything. but it was still awesome. they had the audience in the palm of their hands.

i ♥ John Ashton


  1. glad you had a good time! :) eagles of death metal were pretty good.

    when i saw the setlist i was also dubious about them starting with dance little liar, but you're right, it totally worked!

    i reaallly want to see them again! arghh.

    you said they didn't do any b-sides; did they not do sketchead?

  2. same i really want to repeat last night! and no they didnt play it :( did they play it at wembley? xxx

  3. i wish i could travel back in time :( yeah, they played it at wembley. as soon as it came on, most of the crowd were like 'what the fuck is this?!' and just stood really still for all of it :P haha. it was really goods though :) - i enjoyed it.


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