Sunday, 18 April 2010

run run run, run run run away

psycho killer - talking heads. such a tune.

hello blogger, haven't posted here in over a month. sorry, but i doubt any of you followers are devastated.
still posting over @

since i last posted i've seen (and met) Ellie Goulding at Fibbers.
and Plan B at The Cockpit. lots of fun and that.

currently posting this because procrastination is obviously my best friend, and if you knew just how much work i have to do for tomorrow then you'd have a gun to my head. clearly an idiot, and i'm pretty much kissing my A Levels goodbye. serious case of 'HML' right now.

although my tumblr's a bit dull right now, need to change my theme and post some more i guess.
but i did have a lovely rant about people posting and re blogging photos of fans with Arctic Monkeys without crediting where they're from or who the fan is. especially in the cases where the people posting and re blogging do know. it really frustrates me. but usually in the cases where i know the people, and refuse to reblog because it's plan weird. the fact i know all about what happened then the photos popping up on my dash but not by them. eurgh!! continues to frustrate me.

anyway, blah blah... take a look at my tumblr if you like, it'd be nice. TA XXX

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