Sunday, 27 June 2010

i don't think you know me much at all

basically i'm in love with Ellie Goulding.
she told me that she loves my dress, so therefore that means she loves me okay? haha. anyway she's great so feast your eyes upon her beauty.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

its about as close to making sense, that i am ever going to get


finished my exams on Tuesday. then i went to Birmingham a day earlier than planned. so I went Tuesday - Friday.
man, it was so fucking cool. just like, constant fun for four days. none of it will make sense to anyone who wasn't there. I discovered this when trying to convey my excitement about the events to my friends today. :S oh dear.
I had a really nice time, and was busy so barely had a minute to stop, let alone a minute to myself. there was never a down moment and it was delightful to be away from my laptop.
when I got back on Friday night and started checking dashboards etc I realised that I couldn't be arsed and was appalled at how much time I manage to spend on the internet. eurgh.
home isn't half as fun as Birmingham. so glad i've got those memories now.
back to Sixth Form on Monday. oh the joy.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

your mind is restless cos you never rest it at all

evening all

i got earlier. kind of obsessed with it at the moment. sure that will wear off soon.
if you have it, add me?
it's quite interesting to see all together how many times i've listened to certain bands.

still done no revision for sociology. oops! i'm such a tool.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

older does not always mean wiser


work today was draining. this heat is just silly today, thick heavy air with no breeze. yuck. stuck inside a small building with a constant circulation of hot air and sticky hair products. was glad to be out at lunch time. got no work next Saturday cos my boss is on holiday, so it means i get to rest after my trip to Birmingham.

booked another Saturday off towards the end of the month, cos there's a slight possibility i'll be in Manchester. :D don't know how i'm going to afford all this, just realised i've got a few family birthdays coming up. then Father's Day is this month at some point. hmm.

yesterday i hung out at my cousin's house with her and her kids. they're the cutest little things. its amazing watching them grow up, but sorta sad at the same time. i love talking to my cousin about music, she was telling me about her festival experiences and when she saw Manic Street Preachers at Shepherds Bush Empire. her kids are so lucky to have her. her eldest, who is 4 likes Kasabian! and my cousin announced that she loves Crying Lightning which was cool to hear.

i've been writing here quite a lot, doubt anyone is really reading though. sorry for boring you.
here's some photos that i've re blogged or posted on Tumblr recently. :)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

how can you say your life is empty


today's been quite pleasant. got up the earliest i have done all week.
me and my brother's girlfriend just sat in the garden all morning trying to tan. think i've burnt a bit though. :/
then they left to go back to Birmingham for a few days so i spent the rest of the day doing my washing and hanging it out and stuff. sounds really lame but it didn't bother me. i'd say i enjoy it in a weird way. :S
ive been productive today, but in no way has it helped with my sociology revision.

this evening was nice, i had a pretty good chat with a friend who i haven't spoken to in what seems like ages. then my friend Huw rang me from outside a Klaxons gig. i don't like them, but he does and he'd just met them. he was really happy, completely pissed, but happy. it felt nice that he thought to ring me and tell me about it.



Wednesday, 2 June 2010

lets type words, cos they amount to nothing

can't sleep / don't want to sleep

got a message on facebook earlier, inviting me to a post exams party / gathering / camp out in the woods next thursday. told everyone i can't go, because i'm in Birmingham. i wasn't too bothered at first really, i missed the last one during the summer cos i was on holiday. on the night, i probably won't be that arsed but it's just afterwards. when everyone's talking about the night and the funny stuff, or the annoying stuff that in hindsight is amusing or whatever. the thing is that, it doesn't bother me. but like with Leeds Fest, i'm treated like it should.

i'm really looking forward to going to Birmingham. trying to not spend money between now and next wednesday. hopefully i'll get some new clothes. it'll be nice to go to a new and completely different city for a few days. and hopefully my brother's girlfriend won't want to kill me after spending that much time together. haha.

my final AS Level exam is on Tuesday. it's sociology. i've got twixt now and then to teach myself everything i should already know. hmm. definitely have to start tomorrow or i'll have no chance. i despise revision. i just don't know how to do it. which is sort of ridiculous.

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