Sunday, 1 November 2009


this half term's been great, however now i'm left with a lot of work and no time.
for the first time probably ever i've been busy every day of the holiday, so it wasn't procrastination stopping me from working. although today i've been pretty bad considering i got up at 9.30 to do work and at nearly 7.30 i haven't even written a page. oops!!
oh well, i will get it done before first period tomorow...
On Thursday night i went out for a meal at Pizza Express with my friends to celebrate my birthday which was lovely. had a really funny night and got some brilliant presents :')
Me, Olly and Loz ended up back at Olly's watching Scrubs and before i knew it it was almost midnight. so we stuck around and cranked out the vodka and orange. it was the most memorable start to a birthday i think i've ever had! :)
for my 17th i got a Nixon watch, might post a picture later it's so beautiful. and a Parka. :) got loads of topshop vouchers and some money too. wasn't keen on driving lessons and besides i still haven't sent off for my provisional. went out for a meal with the family on Friday night.
yesterday was Halloween and as opposed to going to this big party which the majority of the people i know were going to, me and a friend decided to go on a ghost walk which ended up being this crazy ghost vigil thing. :S so we ditched it and had a wander round town. we ended up in Pizza Hut. haha. so we had some food then went down to the river for ages. i might not have been as eventful as the party but it was a pretty enjoyable night anyway. haha "i'm a fucking wolf!"
ready to go back to 6th form now, i need to find a work ethic from somewhere.
on a brighter note; 15 days until the Cornerstone vinyl
and 20 days until Arctic Monkeys at the MEN arena.


  1. i love your blog, and your seeeing arctic monkeys, you'l have to tell me if you enjoyed them cause im seeeing them the day before you xxx

  2. thanks! i've followed you back your blog's great too. :D and of course, i'll let you know! where you seeing them? xxx


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