Thursday, 12 November 2009

Like A Butler Pushing On A Bookshelf I'm Unveiling The Unexpected

i who was earlier reluctant, was suddenly embarassed and corrected

hiya :)

since my last post, my arctic monkeys tickets have arrived in the post. so excitement has been kicked up yet another level. wasn't at 6th form yesterday cos i wasn't too well, so ended up playing Humbug on repeat. it was also the soundtrack to my wait for a bus that was 40 minutes late tonight. it's such a brilliant record, and even The Jewellers Hands has grown on me. my favourite track at the moment is Dance Little Liar.

In case you've noticed, which you probably haven't ;) i've added a links section on the right hand side of my blog. under the title 'dangerous animals' i will think of something better at some point! anyway, i'll give you a run down of what i've linked. better than the offish anyday ;) biggest inspiration to start a blog. wonderful :) good stuff :)

if you haven't already, check out those sites. will add more at a later date. have a good week everyone! xxx


  1. the more i listen to humbug, the more my opinions change. dance little liar is becoming a favourite of mine now too... it's strange how favourites change. haha. how deep. soz.

    thanks for linking my blog! i'm not sure i agree with you about it being 'wonderful' but i really appreciate the complement. haha.

    i'll link you as soon as i get round to starting a links thingg.

    have a great friday!

  2. it's no problem! thanks very much :D i'm starting to enjoy humbug so much i'm not sure i can still fully appriciate the other two records. it seems very strange going back and listening to stuff from 2006 that i know they'll never play live again so i think what's the point. it's not really the right attitude but oh well! :P

    yeah, have a good weekend and enjoy cornerstone on monday! xxx


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