Monday, 16 November 2009

Nice Try, You Cannot Turn Away But Nice Try

Went to get the vinyl from Oxfam at lunchtime. Only to find out that they didn't have it. And neither did HMV. So i spent £2.20 on bus fares to get into town and back from 6th form for nothing! Certainly put me in a bad mood, especially as i'd restrained from listening to leaks of the b-sides. I don't regret not listening, just exercising my patience y'know :P So i've ended up ordering the 7" from HMV and it should come in the next few days. I couldn't wait much longer for the b-sides so i've downloaded them from iTunes. They're okay, but i don't think that they're worth the hype around them. Fright Lined Dining Room is much better than Catapult. They're kinda strange cos they're neither FWN era or Humbug. i cannot really place them. People are saying that they should have been on Humbug but i see them as very b-side material. Brilliant lyrically and drumming wise but i feel like they're lacking something. Nevermind, at least they're not awful. Only a few days to go now! :)

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