Tuesday, 27 October 2009


i went to visit my brother in Manchester yesterday/today and just got back.
i'd been so excited about it for weeks and weeks and it didn't really dissapoint.
i got there early Monday afternoon, we went back to his flat then out to do his food shopping for the week. i wouldn't say that Asda near Mosside is my favourite place in the world but nevermind... haha. then we just hung around watching Family Guy before we went out for dinner. We went to this great pub called The Footage which did 2 meals for £6. proper nice food and great atmosphere. That night we planned to go and see Star Trek in the Printworks where there's an IMAX screen at the Odeon. we'd both already seen the film, i'd seen it twice and he's meant to be the trekkie... anyway, we got Premier seats for a pound extra and the whole experience was incredible. no joke, the screen is 8 storeys high, however wide and the sound goes right through you. excellent! after the film finished we trekked back over to oxford road and went to his friend's flat for a while. i got about 4 hours sleep and woke up this morning with a trecherous cold. but we went shopping in town, went to the Arndale centre but i had no luck with clothes which was a severe dissapointment at first. but managed to get a great pair of boots and Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee on dvd. so i came away happy :D
back in york now which is kind of a bore, i've so much work to do :

now i fully can't wait for Arctic Monkeys. ♥

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