Monday, 19 October 2009

Pieces move and make the picture fall apart

This time last year i was so excited that this time this year, i would be able to apply for my provisional driving licence. in fact, one of the first things i said in 2009 was to do with my excitement for driving. so why is it now, just over a week away from my 17th that i'm suddenly not interested? well, it's not suddenly, in fact, it's been a few months really that my interest has been severely lacking. i got my provisional driving licence form and filled it out ages and ages ago but i just haven't sent it off. for one, it's going to cost £50 and secondly, driving lessons etc are going to cost over £1000 in total. and i just cannot afford it. plus, i'd much rather put it off and be able to spend my money on things i want, a luxury that will never lose its novelty, as opposed to thinking i need to save that for lessons and insurance etc.
i bought a railcard last week, that cost £26 and i've been wanting one for a long time, but it's going to be worth it because especially in the near future i'm going to be travelling by train. a lot. spending that amount of money on something like that really didn't bother me like it does with my driving licence. i just find it quite a strange turn of events.
my excitement for half term is at a ridiculous height right now, however i'm not looking forward to two essays at least that have been set so far... A Levels suck.
6 days until Manchester take one. then 3 weeks after that it's Manchester take two. :)


  1. i know how you feel, i never learned to drive and have never had an interest in cars. also those railcards are the best, until you get to 23 and then nearly 24 (my birthday is coming in Jan) and then the railcard runs out at 25 and i shall be forced into learning to drive or resigning my fate to national express coaches for all eternity.... :(

  2. it really annoys me when people say if you dont learn at 17 it's really gonna hinder you. if it's a financial impossibility then why?! in the long run it's cheaper to fork out for a few train tickets than lessons, insurance, petrol and a car. is there not another type of railcard you can get once you're 25?

  3. nah once you get past 25 you cant get a discount railcard until your 65. its political correctness gone mad.


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