Sunday, 11 October 2009

Walking the line is wearing out my shoes

this morning it was an absolutely perfect temperature, the October kind where the wind isn't annoying and the sun's not quite out. bought the Times because i thought it might have coverage of the Film Festival but that might have been last weekend's. the weeks just seem to blur into one these days. never mind though, attempting to sort my folders out which i should have done 5 weeks ago when 6th form started. oops. i know the chances of people reading this are 0 but oh well, i've got twitter @r_bentley.

excitement is building up for half term and november now. arctic monkeys what...

until i find something interesting to blog about and until i learn to use some more exciting language here's a picture to sum up October 2008...


  1. thanks very much for you comment on my review - glad to see another 'true' monkeys fan! - how patronising of me. Don't worry, i read your blog - keep it up and make sure you review the live Monkeys gig when you see them! - where are you seeing them? i tried to get tickets but failed :/


  2. you've met alex turner?! ahhh, i'm so jealous! hahaha.

    i'm going to see them in november too, i can't wait!


  3. hey guys, thanks for the follows too :D
    yeah, met alex and everyone else TLSP related and the other monkeys, except from cookie, last october. can't believe it's almost been a year since! i'm off to seem them at the MEN in manchester. so excited! hope you have a good time isabella. and don't worry, a very detailed account of the night shall be posted on here! haha. xxxxxx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. i just sent you a comment then somehow deleted it *tries again*
    i was just reading some of your old posts and came to this nomnomnom, asif you've met alex turner. enough for any girl to be as jealous as ever ♥

  6. aw thanks for the comment love. he was really nice, but absolutely pissed. haha. xxx


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