Monday, 21 December 2009

around your crooked conscience she will wind

thought i'd post while i'm waiting to get some feeling back in my face after being out in the cold for like 5 hours. a lot of people seem to be doing their Top 10 Albums of 09 lists but instead i'm just going to tell you what my favourite records from this year are and not care about numbers. :)

Skanky Skanky - Toddla T. first and foremost. the most important album from 2009 for me. it really did change my perspective on music and got me into loads of new genres, djs and producers. it made me think 'how am i ever going to like guitar music again?' i loved it so much. it's got a thoroughly Sheffield vibe even though it brings in Jamaican dancehall amongst many other genres. Toddla blends it all so well it really is impossible to hate this album. another contributing factor to how good it all sounds is co-producer Ross Orton. He's incredible. End of. as well as being musically brilliant Skanky Skanky is also hilarious. the interludes and just generally Mr V and Serocee make it worth a listen. He collaborates with the likes of Tinchy Stryder, Matt Helders, Shake Aletti and Roots Manuva. i can't fully explain just how much i love this album. best thing i've heard all year. :)

A French Kiss In The Chaos - Reverend And The Makers. at one point i liked this more than i liked WPSIATWIN. which is a big thing for me. very big. it shows just how amazing this record is. a complete step up from The State Of Things the makers take it to a new psychadelic level. lyrically it's so much more interesting too. each and every song is just wonderful. the first song i heard from this album was Professor Pickles and admittedly, i wasn't keen on the first few listens but i soon came around and it slots in great on the album. my favourite tracks are Mermaids, The End and Hidden Persuaders.

Humbug - Arctic Monkeys. on first listen i wasn't too fussed. and i will admit that it took about 30 listens to fully appreciate and love every song. i can't possibly write down why it's amazing or why i love it but i do. i might go as far as saying i like it more than WPSIATWIN but i've been hasty with that before so i won't go there again. i would quite happily go to a gig where they just played this album (and b-sides of course). favourite tracks are Pretty Visitors, The Jewellers Hands, Dangerous Animals, Potion Approaching and Dance Little Liar.

other albums of note from 09; Better Than Heavy - Mongrel. Kings and Queens - Jamie T. Hands- Little Boots.

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