Sunday, 6 December 2009

It's better that than get a reputation as a miserable little tyke

hi ♥ i really should be working my way through a mound of homework but as per usual in these situations, i'm sitting on blogger, tryna think of something interesting to write.

the other night i thought of something half decent, but my brain is like a seive half the time so i've just got these weird snippets that really don't make sense.
on friday night i went to Bridlington. which is an awful, depressing, north-eastern seaside town. it's got this venue called 'The Spa' where Oasis played their last UK gig and Kasabian played there recently. i'm not going to go into why i was in Brid and what happened there because quite frankly it's a boring and irritating story to tell. what i will say is that i re-kindled my love for Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. earlier in the evening i'd proclaimed that Humbug was my favourite monkeys record and i'm pleased to say that i'm mistaken.
one thing i noticed whilst i was listening was that the temperature dropped 3 degrees and there was a definite When The Sun Goes down vibe in Brid that night.

mm, i'm rambling. one thing that i really love is driving at night and seeing lights. that's my favourite part of going to my Gran's near Leeds in winter because the drive home is always quite pretty. i usually have Old Yellow Bricks on repeat during that journey for some reason. so now i associate the two and it makes me rather content. the drive home from Bridlington reminded me of a holiday, last year during October half term i think. we were staying just outside Glasgow and from the hotel restaurant we had this brilliant view over the city and the lights at night, it was just wonderful. i don't know why i like things like that so much.

this post is boring and text-laden as usual. sorry for that. i just kinda wanted to say some of these things. haha.
i mentioned this a few posts ago, but i bloody love Kid Acne. here's some of my favourite bits of his work. all photos are taken from his blog. :)

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