Wednesday, 9 December 2009


after being in an awful mood for the past week due to general illness/weather/etc... i really wanted summat to cheer me up.
Never Mind The Buzzcocks cheered me right up!
Frankie Boyle presenting, Jon McClure just generally being there and having the best voice ever and just the hilarity of it all.
Plus, when introducing the Rev and playing a clip from No Soap (In A Dirty War) there was some quality screen time of Tom Rowley.
all this equates to me being very happy! haha. such simple things...


  1. haha do you know Rowley or just mildly fancy him?
    Saw Backhanded Compliments when they supported Rev - thats him as well isn't it?


  2. yeah he was in BHC before he committed to the Makers. not sure if he's still doing stuff with them. and no i don't know him haha, he is fit though. just interested in his career i suppose cos of Milburn. you heard about Andy Nicholson and the Makers?


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